I am pleased to welcome all faculty members, students, all graduates and employees of Baghdad College of Medical Sciences, and visitors to the college’s website on its  portal.

The college was established in Baghdad in 2000 by the Pharmacists Syndicate under the name of (Baghdad College of Pharmacy)

At its first establishment, the college included the Department of Pharmacy and three branches: the Pharmaceutics Branch, the Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drugs Branch, and the Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacy Branch. The first batch graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy in 2005.

In 2017, the Nursing Department was opened, and the college began granting a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

In line with its vision, the college seeks to provide accredited academic programs with the aim of raising the quality of educational outcomes to be a competitive college at both the government and private levels, through its tireless pursuit of program accreditation leading to global academic accreditation.

The college seeks to use the best methods of medical education with the presence of a number of distinguished professors in all different specialties in addition to a distinguished technical and administrative team who all participate in managing the academic and administrative process and all development tasks that seek to achieve the college’s vision and mission for the sake of a bright future for the college’s students and graduates.

The college also seeks to spread and enhance the culture of scientific research, innovation and creativity and encourage teaching staff to contribute to the knowledge industry in a way that ensures the graduation of trained cadres capable of innovation and leadership in their fields of specialization and to enhance multiple opportunities and activities for them to train and learn about the mechanisms and developments of dealing with the labor market.

The college works to modernize its programs, which achieves learning outcomes and outcomes that keep pace with what is new in the world and the labor market.

The college has effectively contributed to meeting the needs of society through its governmental and private institutions. The college has also produced competent pharmacists who work in their field of specialization in many developed countries after the equivalency of their certificates, which indicates the solidity of education in our college.

We are awaiting the graduation of the first batch in the nursing specialty this year (2022), and we hope that the graduates of this college in the specialty of nursing (Bachelor of Nursing) will contribute to meeting the needs of society and relevant parties with the same determination and will as the graduates of the college in the specialty of pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

In conclusion, I once again welcome, in my name and on behalf of all members of the Baghdad College of Medical Sciences, all visitors to the college’s website, hoping that you will find everything new and useful in the field of medical sciences, asking God to grant us and you success in serving our beloved Iraq.

Dr. Ahmed Abbas Hussein

Dean of the College

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