Department of Pharmacy

The department of pharmacy was established along with the establishment of Baghdad College of Medical Sciences (previously known as Baghdad College of Pharmacy) in 2000.

. It was the first department in the college and includes three disciplines which are :

(Pharmaceutics، Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacy، and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy)

Since its establishment, the department of pharmacy has adopted the curriculums, courses, and terminologies used by public universities. Certificates and degrees granted by the college undergo the rules of certificates and degrees evaluation imposed by the Iraqi ministry of higher education and scientific research

The department of pharmacy seeks to develop pharmaceutical education in a means which secures the employment of pharmaceutical sciences to serve the community. This is achieved through the preparation of multi-talented and professionally qualified pharmaceutical staffs confirming the modern trends in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical pharmacy to supply the country with such staffs and to be appointed to other pharmacy colleges and achieve the industrial scientific revival

The pharmacy department's study duration is five years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences.

The first class, which had 71 students, graduated in the academic year of 2004-2005.

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