Registration section:
The Registration and Student Affairs Department is affiliated with the Assistant President of the University for Academic Affairs. This department includes many divisions, including (the Breast Health Division, the Identities Division, the Central Admissions Division, and others)

the definition:

The tasks of the Student Affairs Department are embodied in everything related to issues related to students in terms of technical and administrative matters, starting from the student’s admission to the college until after his graduation.

Tasks assigned to the department:
1-The department supervises the organization and preparation of the registration of new students accepted into the college.
2-The department organizes, arranges and prepares academic documents and organizes all matters related to the process of student transportation, hosting, and amending nominations.
3-Issuing identification cards for students.
4-Issuing graduation and continuation confirmations and documents for all students.
5-Responding to all books received from the Ministry and other bodies related to students.
6- Verifying the issuance of preparatory documents for newly accepted students.

Department employees

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