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Graduates are the product of their exerted efforts and time. With the help of the educational institution, they serve Iraq and its community

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The library contains about 4265 books and 330 journals, 151 and 165 scientific journals and CDs. The library consists of three halls, the first is for managing the library and classifying books, the second is for textbooks, and the third is for reading.

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BCMS won first place in the ministerial examination among all the governmental and private colleges in 2018-2019. We congratulate our beloved staff and students for this great achievement.


Baghdad College of Medical Sciences is a private institution of general interest with its own financial and administrative independence. .....

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Both departments in Baghdad College of Medical Sciences offer only morning classes. Applicants must have obtained a high school certificate, .....

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The annual plan of the National Program for the Development of Security Awareness

Sports activities at Baghdad College of Medical Sciences

Photography Festival in the Supervisory and Scientific Calendar Authority

مشاركة اساتذة كليتنا بندوة اقامتها كلية الطب، جامعة اوبسالا

جدول المحاضرات الاسبوعي المرحلة الاولى/ التمريض

Congratulation Happy New Year 2022

A colloquy for Prof. Dr. Mustafa Al-Hiti

Congratulations to the pharmacist Rana Kazem Muslim

المشاركة في الندوات الاسبوعية لجامعة اوبسالا/ السويد …

The Nursing Department took part in the activities of the tenth annual scientific conference of Baghdad Health Directorate



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تهنئة بمناسبة حلول عيد الفطر


نهاية امتحان الفصل الاول لقسم التمريض 2022/2021

أعلان …

امتحانات نهاية الفصل الاول-الأقسام الصيدلة والتمريض

تعديل جدول المحاضرات المرحلة الاولى/قسم الصيدلة

صناعة “بسمة أمل” على وجوه الاطفال الايتام

جدول المحاضرات الاسبوعي المرحلة الاولى

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تهنيئة للصيدلاني حسين علي عبد الحسين

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