About this Sub-Department

This sub-department was established in 2000 to contribute to the completion of scientific and practical information by satisfying the graduates of the college with the sciences related to the preparation, study and development of pharmaceutical potions and the orientation towards obtaining the maximum therapeutic effect of the medicine in addition achieving minimum side effects. Among the areas of study in this sub-department are:

•Formulation of different dosages for medicines in the form of tablets, injections, suspensions, solutions, etc.

•Methods of targeting and delivery systems for medicines to their destination.

•Biological technology.

•Utilizing of polymers in various pharmaceutical fields

•Studying Bioavailability & Bioequivalence

*It includes other supplementary fields of study such as :

(Biostatistics, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Medical Physics, English, and Arabic).

*it includes the following scientific laboratories:

(industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical technology, physical pharmacy, biopharmaceutics, computer sciences and physics.)