Dean’s Message

In the name of Allah the most gracious and merciful

As the Dean of Baghdad College of Medical Sciences and on behalf of all the collage members and employees from both departments (Pharmacy and Nursing), I welcome you to the college’s website and I hope you benefit while browsing our site. It is my honour to be at the top of the pyramid in the management of this college, which was established 20 years ago, specifically in 2000. In the beginning, the college had only one department, which was the department of pharmacy. The first class graduated in 2005 under the name of Baghdad College of Pharmacy. This college was founded by the hands of the best professors and scientists in pharmacology in Iraq alongside those who have an extensive academic history in the service of their country and students. The college was keen on accepting the finest students who wish to enter the world of pharmacy to serve their country by providing distinguished medical treatment services. Throughout the years, the college provided the health sector in Iraq with the best pharmaceutical expertise, and the academic sector with the best applicants for postgraduate studies and in all pharmaceutical specialisations. I am proud to see that our students have stretched all over the world, in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and the rest of the developed world. After the success achieved in the department of pharmacy, it was necessary to think about providing the health sector with another specialty of hight importance. Henceforth, the department of Nursing was established in 2017, to form the nucleus of all efforts and thinking in the college. Everyone knows the importance of the humanitarian nursing profession, whose professionals are called (angels of mercy) with all due right and merit. We are impatiently waiting for the graduation of the first class a year from now. My dears, Baghdad College of Medical Sciences is proud of belonging to the finest teaching expertise in both specializations and seeks through its strict and respectful teaching programs to achieve the desired scientific sobriety in order that our graduates will be our best representatives in all sectors to serve the Iraqi community.

Prof. Haydar F. Al-Tukmagi

Dean of Baghdad College of Medical Sciences