Dean’s Message

In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful

It's my great pleasure to welcome all faculty members, students, alumni, staff of the college, and all the visitors to the college's website on its portal. The college was established in Baghdad in 2000 by the Pharmacists Syndicate under the name of Baghdad College of Pharmacy. The college first established pharmacy department with three disciplines: (Pharmaceutics, Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy), the first batch graduated in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in pharmacy. In 2018, the college opened the nursing department and since then, the college has been offering two bachelor’s degrees: bachelor of nursing and bachelor of pharmacy. Consistent with its vision, the college seeks to provide accredited academic programs aiming to raise the quality of learning outputs in order to compete with governmental and private colleges through its relentless pursuit of programmatic accreditation in order to achieve international academic accreditation. The College seeks to use the best medical learning methods by having a number of exceptional faculty in various specialties, as well as a distinguished technical and administrative team, who all participate in the management of the academic and administrative process and all the development tasks, that together seek to achieve the college's vision and mission for a bright future for its students and graduates. The College aims to promote and spread scientific research, innovation, and creativity as well as encourage teaching staff to contribute to the science industry in order to ensure a graduated trained staff capable of innovation and leadership in their fields of specialization, as well as to promote the opportunities and activities for training and to identify the mechanisms and developments dealing with the labor market. The college is working to update its programs to achieve learning outcomes to keep up with the modern world and the labor market. The college has contributed effectively to meeting the needs of the community through its governmental and private institutions; it has graduated qualified pharmacists working in their field in many developed countries after the equivalence of their degrees, which demonstrates the sobriety of education in our college. We are anticipating the first batch of nursing graduates in 2022, and we hope that our graduates will contribute to the field of nursing by meeting the requirements of the community and entities with the same commitment and determination as pharmacy graduates.

In conclusion, on behalf of the entire faculty and staff at Baghdad College of Medical Sciences, I extend a warm welcome to all visitors to the college's website, hoping that you will find everything new and useful in the field of medical sciences, and pleading with (Almighty Allah) to assist us all in serving our beloved Iraq.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abbas Hussein

Dean of Baghdad College of Medical Sciences