A visit to Dar Al-Hanan for the severely handicapped

Alsalam Alaikum,

As part of a series of volunteer work and donation campaigns carried out by the Baghdad College of Medical Sciences represented by its professors and students who donate on a personal level, Dar Al-Hanan for the severely disabled located in Al-Atifiya was visited this Monday, 20-9-2021, in the presence of several professors, staff and students from Baghdad College For medical sciences. They were received by the director of the house, Mr. Faisal Tariq, and his assistant, Wedad Mahmoud, where they were introduced to how the house operates, the number of inmates and their ages. They were donated with food and materials that were prepared at the request and the need of those in charge of the house, especially that the inmates of the house are girls with special and in dire need of a touch of care in these circumstances.

Work will continue in this direction, God willing, through visits to such houses and to stand on their needs. As we embrace the great role of those in charge of Dar Al-Hanan, we hope everyone can participate in these humanitarian initiatives, as they are of high significance.


Prof.Dr. Haydar Al-Tukmagi