Baghdad College of Medical Sciences Spreads Smiles

On the basis of the humanitarian role that private universities and colleges ought to demonstrate in serving the community and the humanitarian initiatives that they should undertake to help in all fields and in an effort to bring joy to those who find it challenging to find happiness these days
Baghdad College of Medical Sciences, with a personal effort from many of its staff in the departments of pharmacy and nursing, visited the homes of the elderly and orphans in one of Baghdad's neighbourhoods and provided supplies needed upon request by those in charge.
Despite the gratitude that we felt from those responsible for this initiative, we feel that a lot is yet to come to serve our people who are in dire need of those who remind them of good in these difficult days. This initiative will be followed by others of similar goals in the upcoming days.
Long live Iraq and its people

Prof. Haydar Al-Tukmagi
Dean of Baghdad College of Medical Sciences