With knowledge they serve

Dear graduates of Baghdad College of Medical Sciences,
As an initiative to put your second home, Baghdad College of Medical Sciences, on top of the list, and as we have infinite pride in your success, whether, at the academic or professional level, I would like you to provide us with the required information that will be listed below for the purpose of uploading it on the college's official website.
Your cooperation with us will give you many future benefits, the most important of which will be a distinctive addition to your CV, where your information will be permanently located on the college’s website. We see this as an achievement since your information will be a stable database that supports your graduation and affiliation to our college that any academic institution can access and verify your graduation. Perhaps it will be your lucky card, especially for those who intend to pursue their master’s or doctorate abroad, as such initiatives are of great significance outside Iraq and are present on websites of reputable universities.
Please note that there are slots on the website allocated to the top three graduates from each academic year, starting from the first one.
Thank you for your cooperation with us.
The required information is:

Your full name in Arabic
Your full name in English
A photo (it does not have to be a formal photo, but any decent and suitable personal photo)
Year of graduation
The certificate obtained after the bachelor’s degree (if any), stating your area of expertise, university and country
Your present workplace (you may state your previous workplaces)
You have the right to not send any of the information requested above if you find it inappropriate.
With respect
Send information (preferably in PDF format) to the following email:

Prof Haydar Al-Tukmagi
Dean of Baghdad College of Medical Sciences