Prof. Dr. Haydar Al-Tukmagi’s word at the Graduation Ceremony of the Department of Pharmacy in the Academic Year of 2019-2020.

Dear graduates and colleagues,..

it is my honor to stand here as the dean of this college before all of my beloved students. On behalf of myself and all colleagues, I’d like to congratulate each and every one of you for your great effort to graduate in such a hard year. I feel sorry for the incredible losses that you and your families have endured during this global pandemic and for all the circumstances you have come across throughout the year. I believe that it has been the hardest. I also congratulate your parents and families for exerting so much efforts and support to help you pass this year. They have shown great moral and financial support during these challenging days. Henceforth, they really deserve such an opportunity of happiness. Your second home, Baghdad College of medical sciences, wishes you the best of luck. Also, you have been exceptional representatives and ambassadors of the College in our community. You know very well, especially during the pandemic, pharmacists like you have the privilege to save the lives of those around you. I hope that Your sacrifices will serve our society and improve its quality of life and its members’ health with compassion, honesty and integrity. As you embark on your career, I hope you will be well prepared to be leaders and represent the name of your college in an excellent manner when facing today’s society’s problems. Provided that you’re graduating, we hope that you will stay in touch with our college and you are welcome anytime.

Congratulations again!

Prof. Dr. Haydar Al-Tukmagi Professor in clinical pharmacy Dean of Baghdad College of Medical Sciences Baghdad-Iraq