College Establishment

Baghdad college of medical sciences  (previously known as Baghdad College of Pharmacy) currently has two departments: The Department of Pharmacy and the Department of Nursing.The college was founded in 2000 by the Iraqi Pharmacists Association Back then, it had only one department, which was the department of pharmacy. The objective is to prepare pharmacists who are scientifically and technically competent to offer pharmaceutical and chemical services in Iraq. The Iraqi ministry of higher education and scientific research issued the approval to establish the college on 14/9/2000  under Article (38) of private universities and colleges Act No.13 of 1996, as amended by Act No. 57 of 2002. Sub-departments were established since the early days of the college and as follows Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Therapeutics, and Clinical Pharmacy. The college occupied a temporary building attached to the nursing home in Bab Al-Muadham, near the College of Medicine – University of Baghdad. The first class graduated with a bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical sciences in 2005 , at 2006 The following year, the college was transferred to its current location, which previously was the Ministry of Endowments.

On , 10/10/2018the college was approved by the minister of higher education and scientific research to establish the Department Department of Nursing the department was established in Baghdad in the academic year of 2018 – 2019 According to the ministry's letter No. H/AQ/17719 – October 15th, 2018, as an endeavour to prepare medical staffs that can assist in healthcare sectors within global standards of medical knowledge and performance to serve the needy and be responsible for the patients' wellbeing as part of their responsibility towards their society. Henceforth, the official name of the college changed to Baghdad College of Medical Sciences. We aim to establish new departments such as the Department of Medicine and provide higher education programs as part of our future plans.

Since its establishment, Baghdad College of Medical Sciences has adopted the curriculums, courses, and terminologies used by public universities. Certificates and degrees given by the collegeundergo the rules of certificates and degrees evaluationimposed by the Iraqi ministry of higher education and scientific research. Also, all activities are under constant supervision by the ministry through the college board’s minutes of meetings and yearly reports regarding its financial and educational status.

The college has cutting-edge scientific laboratories that researchers and postgraduate students resort to from various colleges. It also has a library; equipped with the newest scientific books, an internet room, a gym, etc.

To improvethe current educational status and due to the expansion in the students’ enrollment rate in the nursing department,constructing our six-floor new building building is a work in progress. It consists of spacious classrooms, modern laboratories equipped with the most advanced equipment, a basement to be utilized as a garage, a vast canteen to consider the students’ convenience, and a library equipped with the most modern scientific books. The new building will be ready to occupy at the beginning of next year.