Baghdad College of Medical Sciences is a private institution of general interest with its own financial and administrative independence. The college was established by the Iraqi Pharmacists Association and is subject to scientific and educational supervision by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It can provide its departments with all needs and deal with the official authorities to achieve the goals and has all the legal rights and privileges stipulated by the law. It also has the right to contract and litigate to achieve its goals, and its profits are not transferred to others.

  • Department of Pharmacy:

The department aims to develop pharmaceutical education to secure pharmaceutical sciences' employment to serve the community by preparing multi-talented, professional, and scientifically qualified pharmaceutical cadres to help develop and advance society. The pharmacy department's study duration is five years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences, including practical training in hospitals, health institutions, and private pharmacies.

  • Department of Nursing

The department aims to prepare nursing cadres to offer medical assistance in medical institutions and within global frameworks of knowledge and performance to serve the community and bear responsibility for caring for patients and the needy. The study period in this department is four years, during which the graduate obtains a bachelor’s degree in nursing, including the practical training period.