Iraqi Ranking of Universities (IRU) 2021

Baghdad College of Medical Sciences BCMS (Department of Pharmacy) ranked second on the private colleges of pharmacy and ranked eleventh at the level of all public and private colleges of pharmacy in Iraq in the IRU Iraqi classification of universities for the year 2021.

Specialists in this classification have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of eighty-three public and private educational institutions distributed over thirty-six public universities, forty-seven universities and private colleges, eight hundred and seventy-five specialized colleges, and one thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine scientific departments.

🔶🔶 Congratulations to our college with its teaching staff, dear students and all its affiliates, for this achievement and the advanced academic rank, which is a reflection of the accumulated efforts of teachers, administration and students, and of the advanced scientific and research level of teachers and their strenuous efforts, which is reflected on the students’ level in the future, including developing their scientific and professional skills in the labor market and for further scientific progress of our college. 🔶🔶

Note: The departments included in the evaluation are the departments that produced a graduates only.