Important Announcement … Exam Schedule “Second attempt”

أAnnouncement to All Students

Physical Exams

  1. Three hours will be the time allocated for each exam. Exams start at nine AM and end at 12 PM.
  2. Exams take place inside the college classrooms with a commitment to maintaining social distancing and health safety precautions.
  3. In case of any emergency or sudden suspension during the announced exams period, physical exams will be automatically postponed الى ما بعد اخر امتحان  مع الاستمرار بالامتحانات الالكترونية حسب التوقيتات اعلاه.
  4. لتزام جميع الطلبة بارتداء الزي الرسمي وحمل الهوية وبخلافه يحرم الطالب من اداء الامتحان ذلك اليوم.
  5. Students must wear college uniforms and carry identification. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to take their exam on that day. All students must adhere to the educational instructions found in the examination halls and those on the back of your examination sheet.

Electronic lectures

  1. Three hours is the time allocated for each exam. Exams start at 10 AM and end at 1 PM.
  2. Google Classroom platform will be used, where an online exam class has been allocated to each year students by the Examination Committee.
  3. Students are highly advised to remain in their exam classes throughout the entire period of exams and for all required classes.
  4. We would like to emphasize the necessity of accepting the invitation to the examination classes and confirming your names by registering them through the official email of the college ([email protected]). In addition, these emails will be considered students’ official emails to enter the exams exclusively. Examination and attendance registration links will be assigned to the official email of the college that is registered in the class with the student’s full name in Arabic, provided that the email should exclusively have the student’s official picture. Students are not allowed to enter the exam classes through their personal emails ([email protected]). Otherwise, they will be deprived of taking the exam.
  5. According to the regulations set by the ministry of higher education and scientific research, students must attend their exams wearing appropriate clothes and showing identification when requested during the Google Meet video call.
  6. Students must be present half an hour before the exam date in the online exam class, i.e., at 30 Am, to register their names in the attendance form.
  7. Subscribing to the Internet service via the phone 4,3G in addition to the home Internet service Wi-Fi is a must. According to our experience in previous exams, it is preferable to use a computer (Laptops) if available because they are considered the most secure resort in case of an Internet service interruption. All instructions concerning how to avoid problems in an Internet service interruption will be posted again later.
  8. In case of any emergency during the exam, students are advised to call the phone number designated for their year of study to contact the exam committee directly.

Wishing our students all the best.

* Note: attached is the exam schedule